WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum
WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum

WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum

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Worry none about imperfectionsūüíĀ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ‚ú®¬†once and for all!

Blackheads and acne caused by dirty environment, sleep schedule, stress or makeup can be distracting and irritating, getting them out is a time-consuming process considering the damages that will be done by a common dry blackhead patch from the local pharmacy. The wrong method used for blackhead extraction may not only hurt the skin, but also leave some residue behind in the pores. 

Since blackheads are large at the bottom of the pores and small at the top, WaterCycle Blackhead Removing Vacuum can thoroughly suck out blackheads, whiteheads, acne, dried layers, and dirt hidden in the pores. The surface will immediately appears vigorous after use. Meanwhile, providing the moisture that the surface need, as well as other additional benefits to nourish and protect the skin from any potential damages in the future.


‚ú®Water Circulation

The pore suction device is a combination of vacuum suction technology and water circulation deep cleaning technology. In the vacuum suction process, water molecules will be sprayed within to deeply flush the pore to prevent clogging within the pores. This technology also treats/prevents:

  • Acne
  • Wrinkles
  • Keratin blockage
  • Large pores
  • Breakouts

‚ú®3 Suction Modes

Blackhead acne removal uses level 1 to level 3 suction strength and 3 modes of vacuum absorption technology. You can easily choose the most suitable suction level for the desired area based on the surface condition (dry, natural, oily). Low force can be used for sensitive surface, medium force can be used for small blackheads/normal or oily skin, whereas strong force can be used for large blackheads or pores.


Utilizes mild water suction method to clean pores. While using the device for suction, the desired spot will also be moisturized. Pumping water from the water container out to the air hole, providing nourishment to the pore hair follicles and breaking the traditional physical brute force dry suction method. Moreover, any type of nutrients/essential oil/natural ingredients can also be inserted into the water container for multi-purpose use.

‚ú®Gravity Induction

The device's built-in mercury switch will detect if the product is tilted for more than 45 degrees, the air pump will automatically pause to prevent water from over-flowing from the suction hole, prevent inconvenience to the user.

‚ú®Visible Water Container

Compared to the previous device, this device offers an upgraded look, which is exposing the remains from the result of suction during or after use, guaranteeing the device's reliable function, the user can later detach the water container for cleaning.

‚ú®x2 Hole-Shaped Vacuum Attachment

Two attachments are included in a single purchase, which are bigger or smaller hole-shaped attachment for the vacuum, both can be chosen by the user to decide whether they needed bigger or smaller areas of effect.


  • When using, it is best advised not to stay vacuuming on the same spot for a long period of time, gently slide the device across the area¬†and lift the device at the end of the line, see instructions below.
  • After use, there will be redness reaction on the face caused by the dirty remains getting plugged out of the pore, but this is normal as it usually disappear in 5-10 minutes.
  • There is a heat conduction function built into the water cycle system, which is used to open up the pores for easier vacuum suction, this is so user can experience lesser pain as compared to the usual dry suction method.

Package Include:

  • x1¬†WaterCycle Blackhead Remover Vacuum Device

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